Bossa Nova Play-Along

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Free Latin Bossa Nova Play-Along Song

Play-Along MP3This video lesson includes a bossa nova play-along song performed by Mike Michalkow. You can watch the original band performance on video, and then download the special audio-only version that has all the drum-tracks removed. Give this song a try, and then check out the songo play-along!



If you aren't sure what to play for this song, watch the bossa nova video lesson in the Latin drumming section of FreeDrumLessons.com. There you will learn foundational bossa nova beats that fit with this drum play-along!

The first half of this song is played with a brush in your right hand, and a stick
in your left hand. Play a basic 3-2 clave on the cross stick, with a brush pattern
on the snare drum.
8 Bar Intro
Bossa Nova Drum Play-Along
The piano melody is the same beat as the intro.
Piano Melody
Bossa Nova Drum Play-Along
When the guitar melody begins, grab a drum stick in your right hand and play
the following beat on your hi-hat. This changes the feel a little.
Guitar Melody
Bossa Nova Drum Play-Along
The clave pattern changes for the bass solo from a 3-2 clave to a 2-3 clave.Make sure you play this softer and with closed hi-hats.
Bass Solo
Bossa Nova Drum Play-Along
The outro is played on the snare drum with shots on the second bar. Repeatthis pattern until the end of the song.
Bossa Nova Drum Play-Along

For more Latin drum lessons check out Mike Michalkow's Drumming System!

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