Rock Drumming Play-Along #2

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Free Rock Drumming Play-Along Song

This play-along features the Sterr song "In All Of This" as performed by Dean Reimer. Start by watching the performance video, and then download the audio-only version that has all drum-tracks removed. Try playing similar beats to Dean, or come up with your own unique drumming grooves.

If you aren't sure what to play for this play-along song, browse through the rock drumming lessons here on FreeDrumLessons.com. They teach literally dozens of beats and fills that work well within rock music!

The intro to this song is a little tricky, so count it out.
5-4 Odd-Time Beat #1
The verse builds the second time around, so play it with an open hi-hat feel.
Verse 1
5-4 Odd-Time Beat #1
Open hi-hat feel.
Chorus 1
5-4 Odd-Time Beat #1
This is similar to the intro beat, with more energy, cymbals and a powerful fill at
the end.
Intro 2
5-4 Odd-Time Beat #1
Same as verse 1 where the feel changes to an open hi-hat beat half way through.
Verse 2
5-4 Odd-Time Beat #1
Chorus 2
5-4 Odd-Time Beat #1
Watch for the 16th note hi-hat pattern half way through.
5-4 Odd-Time Beat #1
Chorus 3
5-4 Odd-Time Beat #1
The outro is a basic beat that has a few shots at the end.
5-4 Odd-Time Beat #1

For more rock drum play alongs see Mike Michalkow's complete Drumming System!

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