Rock Drumming Play-Along #3

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Free Rock Drumming Play-Along Song

This video lesson features the Sterr song "Still Waiting" as performed by Dean Reimer. You can get started by watching the performance video, and then download the audio-only version that has all drum-tracks removed. Take it to your kit and come up with your own beats and fills

If you aren't sure what to play for this play-along song, browse through the rock drumming lessons here on FreeDrumLessons.com. They teach literally dozens of beats and fills that work well within rock music!

The song starts with a basic tom groove written below. It then moves to an open
hi-hat beat as shown on the 3rd bar.
Rock Play-Along
The verse is similar to the intro - a tom beat followed by an open hi-hat beat.
Verse 1
Rock Play-Along
The pre chorus has a hi-hat pattern that you can add you own flavor to for thefirst half. It then moves to an open hi-hat double time beat as written below.
Pre Chorus
Rock Play-Along
Verse 2
Rock Play-Along
TThis is similar to the other pre chorus
Pre Chorus
Rock Play-Along
The chorus is a straight forward rock beat.
Chorus 1
Rock Play-Along
The bridge has a basic hi-hat roll that you can experiment with. Make sure you
hit the crescendo build into the beat that follows.
Rock Play-Along
The last chorus plays the same as the other, just with open hi-hats instead.
Chorus 2
Rock Play-Along

For more drum play alongs see Mike Michalkow's complete Drumming System!

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