Jazz Up-Tempo Swing Play-Along

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Free Jazz Drumming Play-Along Song

Play-Along MP3This video play-along features an up-tempo swing song performed by Mike Michalkow. You can start by watching the full band performance on video, and then download the audio-only version that has all the drum-tracks removed. Give this song a try, and then watch the 3-4 ballad play-along!

If you aren't sure what to play for this song, browse through the jazz drumming lessons right here on FreeDrumLessons.com. They teach literally dozens of of beats and fills that work well within jazz music!

This song is played at a fast tempo. Add as much snare and bass comping as
you can to fill up the beat.
8 Bar Intro
Up-Tempo Swing Song
Guitar Melody 4x
Up-Tempo Swing Song
Piano Solo 4x
Up-Tempo Swing Song
Play a softer swing pattern with your hi-hats and cross stick for the bass solo.
Bass Solo
Up-Tempo Swing Song
Play time for 8 bars, then an 8 bar solo for this section. Trade off with the piano,
guitar, and bass solo.
Trading 8's With Solos 4x
Up-Tempo Swing Song
8 Bars of solo.
Up-Tempo Swing Song
After the trading 8's solos, play the main swing pattern with comping.
Guitar Melody 3x
Up-Tempo Swing Song
Watch for the shots at the end of the song.
Up-Tempo Swing Song
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