Cymbal Choking

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Learn How To Choke Cymbals

You can really spice up your drumming by incorporating cymbal choking within beats, fills, and even complex solo patterns. This video lesson includes important tips on how to perform cymbal chokes. In fact, it teaches two different methods that you can use to achieve this effect.

First, you'll learn how to choke a cymbal using both hands. You'll use one hand to strike the crash, and the other hand to choke it. This works well for cymbals that are within reach of both hands.

Second, you'll learn how to play and choke a cymbal using just one hand. This can be a little tricky, and should be performed carefully. However, it's really the only way to play and choke a cymbal that is far off to one side of the drum set.

Watch the included video lesson to see both cymbal choking methods demonstrated. Once you are finished mastering these techniques, you can move on to one of our other dynamic drumming lessons.

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