Jazz Drumming Lessons

Improve your jazz drumming and more with the Drumming System.

Learn How To Play Jazz On The Drums

Welcome to the Jazz Drumming section of FreeDrumLessons.com. Here you will learn important jazz concepts including: how to play a basic jazz pattern, jazz drum beats, jazz drum fills, brush beats, snare drum comping, bass drum comping, and some tricky beats that include snare and bass drum comping at the same time. These exercises will enable you to develop powerful skills you need to play jazz with a real band. Afterwards, you can test your new skills by jamming along to one of our free Jazz play-along songs!

Basic Jazz Pattern - In this drum lesson, you will learn the basic jazz drumming pattern that is the foundation for most jazz drum beats. It requires a fair amount of independence, so you will learn it through progressive steps. This will simplify the entire learning process, and get you playing jazz with greater ease.

Jazz Drum Beats - This drum lesson teaches six unique jazz drumming beats that you can use at your next jazz gig. They build upon the basic jazz pattern covered in one of our previous drum lessons, and take the limb-independence to the next level.

Jazz Drum Fills - This lesson teaches four basic jazz drum fills that you can use with the jazz drum beats we teach here at FreeDrumLessons.com. These patterns are fairly basic, but will enable you to eventually start creating your own unique patterns.

Jazz Brush Beats - The brush beats covered in this video lesson are essential for anyone serious about playing jazz music on the drums. Many jazz gigs will require that you have a basic understanding of how to use brushes, and this lesson will give you a solid foundation on which to build upon.

Snare Drum Comping - The snare drum comping exercises in this lesson are designed to improve your left-hand control within jazz drumming. All of the patterns are based around the basic jazz pattern, but include unique snare drum patterns designed to challenge your limb-independence.

Bass Drum Comping - These bass drum comping exercises are designed to build independence within your bass drum foot. They work the same way the snare drum comping patterns do, but are focused around the bass drum. They are great for jazz drumming, but are sure to improve many other areas of your drumming.

Snare & Bass Drum Comping - This lesson includes six challenging beats that include both snare and bass drum comping. These grooves are sure to challenge your limb-independence, and take your jazz drumming to a new level. Work through them slowly at first, and then increase the speed.

5/4 Swing Exercises - This drum lessons covers 5/4 swing exercises for jazz drumming. 5/4 is a very fun time signature to play in, so spend some time and get comfortable with it, because once you got it, you got it for good. Take some of these exercises and put them to use on your drum kit.

Consider watching our lessons on counting eighth note triplets and sixteenth note triplets if you are having any difficulty understanding the structure of Jazz music. You can learn more in our drum theory & notation section.