Live Drum Lesson Archives

Welcome to the live drum lesson archives section on FreeDrumLessons.com. Here you can watch past live drum lesson shows that teach all sorts of fun drumming topics. To start, simply select a lesson topic that interests you from the list below:

#1 - Drum DVD Giveaways & Drum-Offs

#2 - Heel Toe Technique vs. The Slide Technique

#3 - Double Bass Drum Pedal Reviews

#4 - Lessons & Questions From The Drumming System

#5 - Developing Your Single Stroke Roll Speed

#6 - Applying 16th Note Triplets Around The Kit

#7 - Hand To Feet Combinations On The Drum-Set

#8 - How To Tune Your Drums & Choose Drumheads

#9 - Single Paradiddle Applied On The Drum-Set

#10 - The Basic Drumming Motions With Lionel Duperron

#11 - How To Buy A Drum-Set With Jason Kliewer

#12 - Double Paradiddle Around The Drum-Set

#13 - Punk Drumming Lessons & Drum Covers

#15 - Heavy Metal Drumming and Blast Beats

#16 - Question & Answer Live Drum Lesson

#17 - Drumming Dynamics With "Schroeder"

#18 - Polyrhythm Drum Beat Ideas With "Schroeder"

#19 - Heel Toe & Swivel Bass Drum Techniques With Tim Waterson

#20 - Single & Double Bass Drum Applications With Tim Waterson

#21 - Drumming With A Band - Yuca Live Performance

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