Drumming With Groove

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Learn How To Drums With Groove & Dynamics

Improve your dynamic drumming and groove with the video lessons below. They cover various drumming concepts including: ghost notes, rim shots, cross-sticking, crescendo & decrescendo, open/closing hi-hats, sizzling the hi-hats, and cymbal choking. All of these techniques are essential for any intermediate to advanced drummer that is interested in improving their overall drumming abilities!

Playing With Ghost Notes - This drum lesson gives a complete overview of ghost notes. In it, you'll learn how to identify and play these subtle notes within dynamic drum beats. You'll also have the opportunity to see the difference between ghosted and non-ghosted notes within a looped beat.

Accenting With Rim Shots - Accenting notes within a drum beat or fill is a great way to add dynamics to your drumming. In this lesson, you will learn a technique known as "rim shots" that will enable you to achieve a loud accented note on the snare drum.

Flam Exercise - Use these flam exercises to improve your rudimentary drumming. Once you master this exercise performing flams will be a breeze. Watch this free drum lesson and use this simple exercise to take your flam rudiment to the next level.

Off Beat Hi Hat Beats - This video drum lesson will teach you how to play off beat hi hat beats. Although they may feel awkward at first, off beat hi hat beats are a great way to add spice to your drumming and bring a new feel to beats and fills you already know how to play.

Snare Drum Cross-Sticking - In this video lesson, you are going to learn how to take any regular drum beat, and change it up by playing the snare shots with cross-sticking. This is a simple and effective way to dramatically change the dynamics of any drum beat.

Crescendo & Decrescendo - In this lesson, you'll learn how to use crescendos and decrescendos within the context of playing drum beats, fills, or even solo patterns. These technical terms represent changes in the dynamic volume of a musical part over a specified time.

Opening/Closing Hi-Hats - This video lesson will show you how to spice up simple rock grooves by opening and closing the hi-hats at a specified time within the beat. Jared gives tips and tricks to keep in mind when first playing open-close hi-hat beats.

Sizzling The Hi-Hats - This short drum lesson explains how to sizzle the hi-hats within your drum beats. It starts out by teaching the basic method, and then explains various ways that it can be incorporated within your own musical drumming.

Cymbal Choking - You can really spice up your drumming by incorporating cymbal choking within beats, fills, and even complex solo patterns. This video lesson includes important tips on how to perform cymbal chokes. In fact, it teaches two different methods that you can use to achieve this effect.

Once you are done with the dynamic drumming lessons on this page, you can move on to another section of the FreeDrumLessons.com website. Some suggestions include: beginner drum lessons, drum theory & notation, rock drumming lessons, and our fun drum play-alongs!

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