Double Bass Drum Lessons

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Learn How To Play Double Bass On The Drums

Welcome to the double bass drumming section of FreeDrumLessons.com. Here you will have the opportunity to learn basic double bass warm-ups, drum beats, and drum fills. You'll also get access to special tips and advice for bass drum speed. The lessons in this section were designed to be played in the order presented below, so go ahead and start working through them now!

Double Bass Warm-Ups - This free drum lesson includes four simple warm-up exercises you can use to develop your double bass drumming. All of the patterns are designed to sync up your feet with your hands, and to improve your overall footwork.

Double Bass Beats - This video lesson covers six popular double bass drum beats. Assuming you've already gone through the double bass warm-ups, these beats shouldn't be too difficult to master. Focus on keeping both feet playing at the same volume, and keep everything synced up with the hands.

Double Bass Fills - You can use your double bass drum pedals for more than just unique drum beats. This free video lesson covers five simple double bass drum fills that incorporate the hands and the feet. They build upon what you've learned in the double bass drum warm-ups section.

Bass Drum Speed Tips - This video drum lesson includes some valuable tips and tricks for achieving bass drum speed. It was put together for double bass drummers, but many of the tips are also applicable to single bass drummers. You'll learn about the sweet spot on the pedals, basic pedal tension tips, and more.

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