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Welcome to the general drumming articles section of FreeDrumLessons.com. Here you will find a complete list of helpful articles all about useful drumming topics. Within these articles is a huge resource of valuable drumming tips, advice, lessons, and other tricks that you can take to your drum set. Although there are no videos included in these, the information in each article is priceless.

Whether you are looking for general practice tips, information on the Moeller method, or a more in depth explanation on drum set tuning, these articles are sure to meet your needs. Scroll down to see a complete list of drum related articles that will give you advice, tips, tricks and all sorts of valuable information!

Essential Practice Tips - Being a drummer is more than just a hobby; it is a lifestyle – one that takes a lot of commitment and diligence to succeed at. The payout; however, is immense. Being a drummer can be one of the most fulfilling things someone can do in their life.

The Importance Of Drum Rudiments - Drum Rudiments are one of the most important aspects of drumming. They are the building blocks to every drum beat, pattern, fill, and solo. Whatever your skill level is on the drums, practicing your rudiments is a must.

Finding The Best Drum Lessons - Drum lessons not only teach you how to play different techniques and abilities, they also help to direct you in teaching yourself how to play the drums. What ever your skill level is on the drums, lessons is never a bad option.

How To Properly Hold Drumsticks - One of the most important techniques a drummer must know is how to hold the drumsticks properly. Most drummers fail to realize the importance of drum stick grip; ultimately hindering their learning curve.

The Benefits Of Double Bass Drumming - Believe it or not, the double bass drum can be used in any style of drumming to spice up your beats and grooves. Most drummers view the double bass drum as a heavy addition to any drum pattern.

The Benefits Of The Moeller Method - If you are a drummer looking to increase your speed, power, and control of your drumsticks, then you may want to look into the Moeller method. The Moeller method is a technique used on your sticks to maximize the control and speed of your drumsticks.

How To Drum WIth Groove - Groove is a mysterious word in the drumming community; no one really knows what it means to play the drums with groove. Many drummers strive to play with groove, yet most of them do not even know what this means.

The Art Of Drum Muffling - The art of drum muffling goes a lot deeper than just stuffing a bass drum with a bunch of pillows. Being able to add the perfect amount of muffling to any drum to get the best sound from it is a difficult technique – one that all drummers should know.

How To Start A Rock Band - So you have been drumming for a few years, months, or even weeks now and you feel it is time to create a rock band. This is not an easy task; however the reward is great. As drummers, we generally have a tougher time putting together a band, and organizing song structures ect.

How To Tune Your Drums - One of the most essential skills every drummer must know is how to tune their drumset. The reality is, most drummers do not know how to properly tune their kit; resulting in a poor sound. A drum kit can cost a lot of money, so why not make it sound the best it can!

Drum Related Terms - Here you will find a complete list of drum related terms, along with detailed description of each. This is a powerful tool for drummer of every skill level. Not sure what a polyrhythm is? Or maybe you are wondering where the tension rods are located on a drum kit?