Counting Sixteenth Note Triplets

For more information on triplets, check out Successful Drumming.

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Learn How To Count Sixteenth Note Triplets

In this video, you will learn to count sixteenth note triplets. If you've already watched the video lesson on eighth note triplets - the basic "triplet" idea will already make sense to you. Essentially, sixteenth note triplets are to sixteenth notes what eighth note triplets are are to eighth notes.

If you haven't watched the video lessons on any of those other sub-divisions - it is highly recommeneded that you go to the drum theory and notation page. There you will find links to all the theory and notation lessons in the correct order.

Sixteenth Note Triplet Exercises

The first example shows a full measure of sixteenth note triplets. You can tell that these are sixteenth note triplets because they have double lines connecting the note stems (as all sixteenth notes have), and there is a little number "3" above each group of triplets.

As you can see, the count is included above the measure. Each group of six notes is to be counted: one, trip, let, and, trip, let (repeating for two, three, and four). Although it can be awkward to count that many notes while trying to play them - it is still important that you understand how the notes break down. So, if a certain beat or fill is giving you trouble, you have the option of counting it out at a slower pace.

Sixteenth Note Triplets #1

This second exercise has a measure of eighth note triplets leading into a measure of sixteenth note triplets. This can be extremely tricky for beginners to count, but it will come with practice. Watch the lesson on this page to see Jared demonstrate it for you.

Sixteenth Note Triplets #2

The third exercise includes quarter notes, eighth notes, sixteenth notes, eighth note triplets, and sixteenth note triplets - all within four measures of 4/4 time. Again, this will likely be a real challenge for beginners to count, so be sure you practice along with a metronome (and watch Jared demonstrate it in the video).

Sixteenth Note Triplets #3

Once you are done with this lesson - you can move on to the thirty-second notes. Also, keep in mind that you can go back to the main drum theory and notation page for a complete list of related lessons. They all include detailed video training, and are 100% free!

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