Counting Sixteenth Notes

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Learn How To Count Sixteenth Notes

In this video lesson, you will learn how to count and play sixteenth notes. They are to eighth notes what eighth notes are to quarter notes. In other words, sixteenth notes are a sub-division of eighth notes. One quarter note is equal to two eighth notes - which is also equal to four sixteenth notes.

Sixteenth Note Exercises

In this first example, you can see a measure of sixteenth notes. The note stems are connected with two horizontal lines (in groups of four). As you can see, these are counted: one, e, and, a, two, e, and, a, three, e, and, a, four, e, and, a (re-starting at one for each consecutive measure).

Sixteenth Notes #1

Te second exercise has a measure with quarter and eighth notes leading into a measure of sixteenth notes. Watch the video lesson on this page to see how to transition between these three sub-divisions. Jared explains the pattern step-by-step, and demonstrates the exercise on the drum set.

Sixteenth Notes #2

This third exercise includes quarter, eighth, and sixteenth notes in four measures. This can be a little tricky to count at first, so be sure you practice with a metronome. The point here is to learn to count the sub-divisions, not to actually play the pattern on the kit. So, just practice counting out loud with a metronome.

Sixteenth Notes #3

Once you are finished this video lesson - you can move on to eighth note triplets. They are somewhat similar to eight notes, but are "triplet" sub-divisions. Go check it out for more step-by-step training.

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