Latin Songo Play-Along

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Free Latin Songo Play-Along Song

Play-Along MP3This drum play-along features a songo band track performed by Mike Michalkow. You can start by watching the complete band performance on video, and then jam along with the special audio-only version with the drum tracks removed. It's a great way to practice your Latin drumming before heading into a live gig!



If you aren't sure what to play for this song, watch the songo video lesson in the Latin drumming section of FreeDrumLessons.com. There you will learn foundational songo beats that fit with this drum play-along!

The Songo starts out with a short snare drum intro. It then picks up right into the guitar solo melody.
5-4 Odd-Time Beat #1
This is the main Songo beat, play it throughout most of the song.
Guitar Solo
5-4 Odd-Time Beat #1
Here is your chance to solo for quite a long time. Have fun, and make sure you do not build your solo up too fast.
Drum Solo
36 Bars
5-4 Odd-Time Beat #1
The beat comes straight out of the solo. Play a 4 bar pattern for the outro.
5-4 Odd-Time Beat #1
Remember to hit the shots at the end with the whole band.
5-4 Odd-Time Beat #1

For more Latin drum lessons check out Mike Michalkow's Drumming System!

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