Todd Sucherman - More Methods & Mechanics

0:06 - Songs "Tzan-O-Matic" & "Lunchroom Hoedown" by Tzan Niko
7:28 - Introduction
10:00 - Lesson Begins!
13:12 - How To Play Relaxed
28:23 - Getting The Best Sound From Your Drums
37:40 - Todd's Hi Hat Technique
44:28 - How To Keep The Music Fresh
52:47 - Giveaway Details
53:40 - Song "New Play"
58:11 - Q & A!
1:10:32 - Drum Solo

Todd Sucherman will be discussing the mental and physical approach to playing the drums so you can enhance your rhythmic vocabulary. This includes going back and ensuring you have a firm grasp on the fundamentals of drumming. Todd’s approach will make you re-think what you “know”, and what you actually apply in your drumming.

Take the time to watch the full lesson! His body of work and continued growth as a musician (and teacher) have earned him an insurmountable wealth of knowledge which he’s going to expose you to during this lesson.

Todd Plays:
Pearl Drums: http://pearldrum.com/
Sabian Cymbals: http://sabian.com/
Remo Drumheads: http://www.remodrumheads.com/
Pro Mark Sticks: http://www.promark.com/
Audix Mics: http://www.audixusa.com/

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