Multiple Bounce Roll (Buzz Roll)

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Learn How To Play The Multiple Bounce Roll (Buzz Roll)

The multiple bounce roll is a popular drum rudiment that can be used in a wide variety of ways. It's probably best known for use within a marching band setting, but has been incorporated into modern drumming in a wide variety of ways. You can use it within creative drum beats, drum fills, and even solos. Here is how it is written within standard drum notation:

Multiple Bounce Roll (Buzz Roll) #1

At first this pattern may look a little similar to the single stroke roll, but it is the double horizontal lines on the note stems that changes everything. All of these strokes are to be played as multiple strokes to create a buzz sound. In other words, each hand will play a loose stroke that produces multiple notes in a short period of time. When the hands are alternated correctly - it creates a smooth and steady buzz roll on the snare drum.

It is extremely important you are playing the multiple bounce roll with correct stick grip. This will allow the hands to stay relaxed, and the balanced sticks to play even and steady buzz strokes. Watch Mike Michalkow's video lesson on how to hold the drumsticks for best results.

Multiple Bounce Roll (Buzz Roll) - Drum Set Exercises

This pattern incorporates the multiple bounce roll within a simple drum beat:

Multiple Bounce Roll (Buzz Roll) #2

Exercise three features a simple drum fill with a buzz roll on all the one and three counts:

Multiple Bounce Roll (Buzz Roll) #3

Once you are done with this lesson, you can move on to either the double stroke roll or the triple stroke roll.

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