Rock Drumming Play-Along #4

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Free Rock Drumming Play-Along Song

This video lesson features Hasting's song "All These Things And More" as performed by Jason Kliewer. Start by watching the performance video, and then download the audio-only version that has all drum-tracks removed. Finally, take it to your kit and jam to it with some of your own beats.

If you aren't sure what to play for this play-along song, browse through the rock drumming lessons here on FreeDrumLessons.com. They teach literally dozens of beats and fills that work well within rock music!

Rock Play-Along
This part comes in between verse 1 and 2. Play it with an open hi-hat feel.
Verse 2
Rock Play-Along
All that is changed in the second verse is a more steady hi-hat pattern.
Verse 2
Rock Play-Along
Rock Play-Along

For more drum play alongs see Mike Michalkow's complete Drumming System!

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