Single Stroke Four

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Learn How To Play The Single Stroke Four

The single stroke four is a simple rudiment based on the single stroke roll pattern. The primary difference is that instead of continous singles, the single stroke four is played as groups of four notes. It's great for use within drum fills, hand-to-feet combinations, and simple solo patterns. Here is how it looks in drum notation:

Single Stroke Fourl #1

As you can see above, the single stroke four can be played with both right and left hand lead. You can start by working through it on a practice pad, and then eventually take it to the drum set. Just be sure you use a metronome to keep the note groups in steady time.

You can transition between this and the single stroke roll to mix up your practice pad routines. Both rudiments are similar enough that you'll have a focused practice, but different enough that it will keep things interesting.

Single Stroke Four - Drum Set Exercise

This pattern is a simple drum beat that incorporates the single stroke four:

Single Stroke Four #2

Exercise three uses the single stroke four within the context of a drum fill:

Single Stroke Four #3

Always be sure you are practicing rudiments with correct drumstick grip. If you aren't holding the drumsticks properly, you could be forming bad habits that will hurt your playing over time. Watch Mike Michalkow's video lesson on how to hold your drumsticks to get simple tips that will improve your overall drumming.

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