Swiss Army Triplet

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Learn How To Play The Swiss Army Triplet

The swiss army triplet is a unique one-way rudiment that can be played in both right and left hand leads. Unlike most of the other rudiments, this rudiment isn't designed to alternate. Instead, it just loops with either the right or left hand taking the primary roll. This can make it fun for simple beats, or even unique drum fills. Here is how it looks in standard drum notation:

Swiss Army Triplet #1

The measure above shows both right and left hand leads. It is very important to note that the rudiment doesn't actually alternate like this measure shows. Instead, the first half of the measure is considered the complete rudiment in right hand lead, while the second half is the entire rudiment with left hand lead. You can choose to play it either way, but just take note that it doesn't actually alternate.

Swiss Army Triplet - Drum Set Applications

Here is a simple drum beat based around the swiss army triplet:

Swiss Army Triplet #2

Exercise three includes a simple drum fill that incoporates the swiss army triplet:

Swiss Army Triplet #3

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