Rock Drum Fills #5

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Using What You’ve Learned

The final video in the rock drum fills course is an actual song. All this hard work you've been doing learning fills, well it's time to actually apply it to real music.

When I play this song I'm going to use some of the fills that I taught you, but not every single fill I taught you because not all these fills will fit in every piece of music. Certain fills will fit better with certain music.

Certain fills real would not fit at all with certain music and so don't think you have to just jam fills in there or these fills in them in the song just for the sake of it.

Listen to when I'm starting my fills, and how long am I playing my fills for.

What are the dynamics of my fills? Am I playing a soft fill a loud fill and really listen for that and then when you take the song you download the drum lesson version and actually practice it yourself.

Try to experiment with different things and don't be afraid to crash and burn. You make mistakes in the practice room.

It's better to make them there than on stage in front of thousands of people.

So I'm going to demonstrate this song for you now once the video is done go ahead and download the drum list track and try it for yourself!

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