Jim Riley - Creating Grooves That Work

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These songs are excerpts from Jim's books called The Nashville Number System and Song Charting Made Easy. You can find out more about both books here: http://JimRileyMusic.com

Drumeo had the incredible opportunity to host Jim Riley in our studios for a lesson on "Creating Grooves That Work". This was a follow-up to his first Drumeo lesson called "Fills That Work".

Jim is the drummer and bandleader for multi-platinum group, Rascal Flatts. He has also played on numerous TV shows, movies, and albums. He was voted country drummer of the year by the readers of DRUM! magazine from 2011 - 2014, as well as best clinician of the year in 2009.

Jim is also a passionate educator and has a private teaching studio called "The Drum Dojo" which he opened in 2007. If you are ever in the Nashville area, do yourself a favour and book a lesson!

Click here find out more about Jim's drum books, lessons, and tour schedule: http://JimRileyMusic.com

Thank you to all of Jim's sponsors who provided gear for the lesson!

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