Double Drag Tap

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Learn How To Play The Double Drag Tap

The double drag tap builds upon the pattern set out by the single drag tap. Instead of one drag before the tap stroke, you simply play two. This gives the rudiment a total of 12 notes, making it work well for use within 12/8 or music with a triplet feel. Here is how it looks written out in drum notation:

Double Drag Tap #1

As you can see above, this rudiment includes two right handed drags followed by a left handed tap. This pattern repeats with left hand lead to complete the rudiment. Put that all together, and you have the double drag tap. Practice it carefully at first to be sure you play the drags on all the correct notes.

Double Drag Tap - Drum Set Applications

Exercise two includes the double drag tap being played within the context of a drum beat:

Double Drag Tap #2

Here is the double drag tap being played within a triplet-based drum fill:

Double Drag Tap #3

Once you have mastered the double drag tap, you can move on to the lesson 25 rudiment.

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