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Learn How To Play Lesson 25

Lesson 25 is an interesting rudiment because the title doesn't appear to have a special meaning. Nobody seems to know why this drum rudiment is called "Lesson 25". It would seem more appropriate to call it "Drag Tap-Tap", or something else that is a little more relevant. With that said, it's still an important pattern that you should learn.




Here is how it is written out in drum notation:

Lesson 25 #1

This rudiment starts with a right handed drag followed by left and right handed singles. Then, this same pattern is played with opposite sticking (left hand lead). Put it all together, and you have lesson 25. Watch the video lesson above to see it demonstrated for you.

Lesson 25 - Drum Set Applications

Exercise two includes the lesson 25 rudiment being played within a drum beat:

Lesson 25 #2

Exercise three uses this rudiment within the context of a drum fill around the tom-toms:

Lesson 25 #3

Once you are done with this drum lesson, you can move on to the single dragadiddle.

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