Single Dragadiddle

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Learn How To Play The Single Dragadiddle

The single dragadiddle is a unique drum rudiment that incorporates a drag stroke into a single paradiddle. This combination is sure to challenge you at the practice pad, and will enable you to master two powerful abilities simultaneously. Once mastered, you can use it within creative drum fills and solo patterns. Here is how it is written out in standard drum notation:

Single Dragadiddle #1

As you can see, this rudiment is virtually identical to the single paradiddle. The only change is that the first stroke of every group of four is changed to a drag. If you are already capable of playing the single paradiddle and drag rudiments on their own, this rudiment-combo should be fairly easy to develop.

Single Dragadiddle - Drum Set Exercises

Exercise two includes the single dragadiddle within a rock drumming beat:

Single Dragadiddle #2

The final exercise incorporates the single dragadiddle into a drum fill:

Single Dragadiddle #3

Once you are finished with this lesson, you can move on to Dragadiddle #1 and Dragadiddle #2.

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