Dragadiddle #2

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Learn How To Play The Dragadiddle #2

This dragadiddle rudiment is a follow-up to the dragadiddle #1 pattern. It is known as "dragadiddle #2" or "drag paradiddle #2". Be sure you master the first version before practicing this rudiment, as it can be a little more difficult to jump right into it. Here is how the pattern is written out in drum notation:

Dragadiddle 2 #1

At first glance, this rudiment may seem very different from the dragadiddle #1 pattern. However, the changes aren't as dramatic as they may appear. The original variation is just moved down to the two-count. It starts out with a right-handed stroke and a right-handed drag, and then moves right into the dragadiddle #1 pattern.

The only other difference is that the last stroke of the dragadiddle #1 pattern is now leading directly into the second half of the rudiment (which is lead by the left hand). Once you put it all together, it should be fairly straight forward. If you are having any trouble, go back and spend a little more time with dragadiddle #1.

Dragadiddle 2 - Drum Set Applications

Exercise two incorporates the dragadiddle #2 into the context of a drum beat:

Dragadiddle 2 #2

Exercise three uses the dragadiddle #2 rudiment within a drum fill around the drum set:

Dragadiddle 2 #3

Once you are finished with the two dragadiddle variations, you can move on to the single ratamacue.

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