Dragadiddle #1

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Learn How To Play The Dragadiddle #1

There are two different varitions of the dragadiddle rudiment. This lesson covers the first version which is known as "dragadiddle #1" or "drag paradiddle". Later, you can learn how to play the dragadiddle #2 alternate rudiment to get complete mastery of these complimentary patterns. Here is how the first variation is written out:

Dragadiddle 1l #1

The dragadiddle #1 starts with drag leading into a paraddidle, and finishes off with a single stroke. This entire pattern is repeated leading with the alternate hand to complete the rudiment. Start practicing it at a slow tempo, and then speed it up as you become more confident with it.

Dragadiddle 1 - Drum Set Applications

This exercise includes the dragadiddle #1 within the context of a drum beat:

Dragadiddle 1 #2

Exercise three impliments the dragadiddle #1 within a creative drum fill:

Dragadiddle 1 #3

Once you have completed this video drum lesson, you can move on to the dragadiddle #2.

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