Single Paradiddle

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Learn How To Play The Single Paradiddle

The single paradiddle is an extremely popular drum rudiment that sounds great while played within drum beats, drum fills, and even unique drum solo patterns. It is an absolutely essential rudiment for any drummer that wants to expand their drumming possibilities. Here is the basic sticking pattern:

Single Paradiddle #1

As you can see above, the single paradiddle is a combination of single strokes and double strokes. You start by playing two alternating singles, and then a double. That's the first half of the rudiment. Then, do the exact same pattern leading with the opposite hand. When you put it all together - you have a single paradiddle!

Single Paradiddle - Drum Set Applications

Here is a fun drum beat that incorporates the single paradiddle rudiment:

Single Paradiddle #2

Exercise three uses the single paradiddle within the context of a drum fill:

Single Paradiddle #3

Once you are finished with this lesson, you can check out some of the other paradiddle rudiments, including the double paradiddle, triple paradiddle, and the interesting single paradiddle-diddle.

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