Double Paradiddle

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Learn How To Play The Double Paradiddle

The double paradiddle is a fun rudiment that is based off the single paradiddle. It is a 12 note pattern that is often used in a 12/8 feel, or in beats and fills with a triplet feel. That makes it perfect for Jazz, Latin, and other world styles. Here is how it is written out within drum notation:

Double Paradiddle #1

If you've already played a single paradiddle, you'll notice just how similar it is to this double paradiddle. The only difference here is that you play four alternating single strokes instead of two. So, you simply start with four alternating singles leading into a double. Then, repeat that pattern leading with the opposite hand, and you have the entire 12-note rudiment.

Double Paradiddle - Drum Set Applications

Here is an eighth note triplet beat that incorporates the double paradiddle:

Double Paradiddle #2

Exercise three is a drum fill that makes use of the double paradiddle between the snare and tom-toms:

Double Paradiddle #3

When you are ready to learn more, you can move on to the triple paradiddle lesson.

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