Triple Paradiddle

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Learn How To Play The Triple Paradiddle

The triple paradiddle is a fairly predictable rudiment that is based of what you've learned in both the single paradiddle and the double paradiddle. It's predictable because it follows in a simple progression that you've already seen (assuming you've learned the single and double paradiddles). Here is how it is written out in standard drum notation:

Triple Paradiddle #1

The triple paradiddle includes three groups of alternating single strokes (hence the "triple") before the right handed double stroke. Then, you simply repeat the pattern leading with the left hand to complete the entire rudiment. If you've already worked out the single paradiddle and double paradiddle, this small change shouldn't take too long to master.

Triple Paradiddle - Drum Set Exercises

Exercise two is a creative drum beat that makes use of the triple paradiddle:

Triple Paradiddle #2

Exercise three includes the triple paradiddle within the context of a drum fill:

Triple Paradiddle #3

Once you are done with this lesson, you can move on to the single paradiddle-diddle.

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