Single Paradiddle-Diddle

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Learn How To Play The Single Paradiddle-Diddle

The single paradiddle-diddle is a powerful rudiment that is based heavily on the single paradiddle. As with the double paradiddle, this rudiment ads four notes to create a 12/8 or triplet feel. This makes it perfect for use within Jazz, Latin, and other world styles. Here is the sticking pattern written out in drum notation:

Single Paradiddle-Diddle #1

Now, even though the single paradiddle-diddle add four notes like the double paradiddle, the sticking pattern is still quite different. Instead of adding single strokes, the single paradiddle-diddle includes two extra double strokes. Read through the pattern carefully, and it will all make sense to you - especially if you've already learned the other paradiddle-based rudiments (single paradiddle, double paradiddle, triple paradiddle).

Single Paradiddle-Diddle - Drum Set Applications

Here is the single paradiddle-diddle played in the context of a drum beat:

Single Paradiddle-Diddle #2

Exercise three includes the single paradiddle-diddle within a drum fill:

Single Paradiddle-Diddle #3

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