Single Stroke Seven

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Learn How To Play The Single Stroke Seven

The single stroke seven is less common than most rudiments, but it is still an excellent pattern to incorporate into your drumming. It is similar to the single stroke roll, but is played in groups of seven strokes (as the name suggests). Here is how it looks when written out in drum notation:

Single Stroke Seven #1

Start by developing the pattern slowly on a practice pad, and then move it to the drum set. You can use a metronome to be sure the groups of seven are played within proper time. Then, when you are ready to try something more creative, you can move on to the exercises below.

Single Stroke Seven - Drum Set Exercises

Here is a simple drum beat that incorporates the single stroke seven:

Single Stroke Seven #2

Exercise three uses the single stroke seven around the kit as a drum fil:

Single Stroke Seven #3

Once you are finished with this lesson - you can move on to the multiple bounce roll, or the double stroke roll.

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