Note Value Drum Exercise

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Note Value Exercise

This free video lesson teaches Jared Falk's note value exercise. Basically, this exercise is designed to help you practice quarter notes, eighth notes, eighth note triplets, sixteenth notes, sixteenth note triplets, and 32nd notes all at the same time!

You start by playing a quarter note pulse on a metronome of about 50-70 BPM. Then syncronize your feet with the quarter note click using the hi-hats pedal and the bass drum pedal. Next, begin alternating quarter notes with your hands on the snare drum. After that, it's just a matter of changing your hands to the different note values in the exercise. Now, this may be easier said that done, but that's the challenging part.

Watch the video lesson on this page to see Jared demonstrate this exercise on the drum set. You'll get to see exactly how he plays each of the note values, and get a feel for the transitions between each part of the exercise. Then, once you understand how it all works, you can take it to your own kit!

Note Value Exercise

Practice this exercise in both directions. First, master quarter notes up to 32nd notes, and then practice starting with the 32nd notes, and coming down to the quarter notes. This will give you an added challenge, to take your drumming even further.

If you are interested in improving your double bass , this lesson could also be played with the feet. Just replace the hi-hats and bass drum shots with the snare drum and floor tom, and then play alternating strokes with your double pedals!

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