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Learn How To Play The Pataflafla

The pataflafla is a unique drum rudiment that is sure to challenge your ability to play flam strokes. It requires that you play back-to-back flams with the same hand. Consider using this rudiment within creative drum fills and solo patterns. It can be a little challenging at first, but is well worth your time. Here is the basic pattern:

Pataflaflal #1

At first, this rudiment may appear to be one-way, but it actually loops twice in the measure above. It starts with just one right handed flam, but later you will see how it connects with a second right-handed flam just before it repeats. Work your way through the sticking slowly, and it should come together nicely. If you are having any trouble, go back and pratice some of the other flam-based rudiments.

Pataflafla - Drum Set Applications

Here is a unique drum beat that incorporates the pataflafla rudiment:

Pataflafla #2

Exercise three includes the pataflafla within the context of a drum fill:

Patafafla #3

Once you are done with this lesson - you can move on to the swiss army triplet, or the inverted flam tap.

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