Triple Ratamacue

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Learn How To Play The Triple Ratamacue

The triple ratamacue is the last in a series of "ratamacue" rudiments. It's based off the single ratamacue and double ratamacue patterns you've learned in previous lessons. It has some added complexity, but it is so similar to the previous patterns that you shouldn't have any difficulty mastering it. Here is the rudiment:

Triple Ratamacuel #1

Now, the single ratamacue had one draged note starting the rudiment. The double ratamacue had two, and the triple ratamacue follows the pattern by starting out with three. If you've mastered the previous two rudiments, this one will come very quickly. Watch the training video for additional information.

Triple Ratamacue - Drum Set Exercises

Here is a simple drum beat that incorporates the triple ratamacue:

Triple Ratamacue #2

Exercise three makes use of the triple ratamacue in the context of a drum fill:

Triple Ratamacue #3

Once you are finished with this video lesson, you can browse the drum rudiment lessons for more!

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