Double Ratamacue

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Learn How To Play The Double Ratamacue

The double ratamacue is a slight variation of the single ratamacue. It is still based on simple single strokes with a few drag strokes, but is a little more complicated overall. You can make use of this triplet-based rudiment within Jazz, Latin, and a variety of other world styles. Here is the basic pattern written in drum notation:

Double Ratamacue #1

As you can see, this pattern is starts out with a right hand-drag leading right into the single ratamacue pattern (played here as sixteenth note triplets). Then, the entire pattern is repeated with left-hand lead to complete the double ratamacue. So, the only real change between this and the single ratamacue is the extra drag strokes.

Double Ratamacue - Drum Set Exercises

Exercise two is a creative drum beat that incorporates the double ratamacue:

Double Ratamacue #2

The last exercise makes use of the double ratamacue within a drum fill:

Double Ratamacue #3

Once you are finished with the double ratamacue lesson, you can move on to the triple ratamacue.

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