Flam Paradiddle

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Learn How To Play The Flam Paradiddle

The flam paradiddle is a powerful rudiment that adds flam strokes into the basic single paradiddle. It's great for use within beats, fills, and especially creative solo patterns. You can impliment it directly, or use it in conjuction with the single paradiddle or the single flammed mill. Here is how it is written out in drum notation:

Flam Paradiddle #1

As you can see above, the basic sticking pattern is identical to the single paradiddle. The only exception is the addition of flam strokes on the one, two, three, and four counts. This will change things up a little, but shouldn't be too difficult to add if you've already practiced a variety of flam rudiments. If you are having any difficulty, you can go back and practice the basic flam, flam tap, or the flam accent to improve your flam strokes.

Flam Paradiddle - Drum Set Applications

Exercise two is a creative drum beat the incorporates the flam paradiddle:

Flam Paradiddle #2

This third and final exercise includes the flam paradiddle being played within a fill:

Flam Paradiddle #3

Once you have finished learning the flam paradiddle, you can move on to the flam paradiddle-diddle.

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