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Learn How To Play The Flam Tap

The flam tap is a popular drum rudiment that integrates the basic flam into a double stroke pattern. Practice it along-side the flam accent to come up with some really creative combo-patterns. They can be used within musical drum beats, fills, and even solo patterns. Just be sure you learn both rudiments individually first. Here is the flam tap pattern written out in drum notation:

Flam Tap #1

As you can see, the pattern starts out with a right handed flam and a right handed single stroke. Next, you repeat the pattern with the left hand by playing a left handed flam followed by a left handed single stroke. This double stroke pattern repeats in the second half of the measure.

Focus on playing the double strokes in perfect time. The added flam strokes should not effect the timing of the main strokes. It may help to transition between playing a plain double stroke roll and this flam tap pattern.

Flam Tap - Drum Set Exercises

Here is a drum beat that incorporates the flam tap in the first half of the measure:

Flam Tap #2

Exercise three is a simple drum fill that makes use of the flam tap rudiment:

Flam Tap #3

Be sure you practice this rudiment well before moving on to the flamacue or the single flammed mill.

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