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Learn How To Play The Flamacue

The flamacue is a powerful drum rudiment that incorporates the flam stroke into a partial single stroke roll. It is to be practiced with both right and left hand leads alternating back and fourth. This will give you more options for creativity when using the flamacue within drum beats, fills, and solo patterns. Here is how it is written out:

Flamacue #1

As you can see, the rudiment consists of five alternating singles being played the right lead, and then another five being played with the left lead. Both groups start and end with flams played by the lead hand. You can watch the video lesson above for a clear demonstration of the entire rudiment.

Flamacue - Drum Set Exercises

Here is a unique drum beat that incorporates the flamacue at the beginning of the measure:

Flamacue #2

Exercise three makes use of the flamacue within a drum fill around the snare and tom-toms:

Flamacue #3

Once you are done learning the flamacue, you can move on to the single flammed mill, or the flam paradiddle.

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