Single Flammed Mill

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Learn How To Play The Single Flammed Mill

The single flammed mill is an interesting rudiment that incorporates the flam stroke with a paradiddle-like foundation. It's a little less popular than some of the other rudiments, but it's definately something you should practice.

Here is what it looks like when written out in standard drum notation:

Single Flammed Mill #1

As you can see, aside from the flam strokes, the sticking is simply an off-set single paradiddle pattern. If you can already play the single paradiddle, it's just a matter of starting on the right-handed double, and adding in the flam strokes. Focus on getting the pattern correct, and then eventually build speed.

Single Flammed Mill - Drum Set Applications

Here is a unique tom-tom drum beat that incorporates the single flammed mill:

Single Flammed Mill #2

Exercise three is a simple drum fill that makes use of the single flammed mill around the toms:

Single Flammed Mill #3

Once you have the single flammed mill perfected, you can move on to the flam paradiddle.

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